We provide big data analytics Techniques & Data Solutions

Our data entry services, data processing, and content moderation services are available with state-of-the-art technological tools and a vetted, managed, scalable, economical, and ethical workforce from our centers in Vadodara Gujarat.

First, we are TRUSTED by SMART companies of different industries in need of a top-notch data entry outsourcing company offering data entry services, and data processing services including data enrichment, data categorization, and validation, data annotation for AI, and content moderation.

We work for leading Market places, top web aggregators, super-smart tech start-ups, AI companies. We take care of the needs of our customers who want to outsource data entry, data processing, data labeling, or content moderation projects.


    Data Science

    • The Data Analyst
    • The Data Engineer
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Generalist

    Artificial Intelligence

    • Reactive Machines
    • Limited Memory
    • Theory of Mind
    • Artificial Narrow Intelligence

    Machine Learning

    • Linear Regression
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Random Forest
    • Ensemble Methods

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